Love-N-Life Studios: The Blog, is a companion publication to the business website of the same name, http://www.love-n-life-studio.com , which showcases the (sometimes quirky) work of photographer,Theresa A Johnson.

(And if you’re interested: I’m all over the net on:  Twitter,  Facebook,  A Business Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus ,  ViewBug  and JPGMag  Come find/add/like and otherwise say “hello”! )

As the typical Gemini personality, I tend to work in many different directions at once… so the blog affords me a perfectly legitimate depository of all things successful and not-so-successful as it applies to the challenges a Lifestyle photographer might face every day.

I’m very early on in the business-building scheme of things here, so topics will seem random until I get a handle on how I want this to go! You may find posts here as scattered as my own scattered, artistic imagery.

While I DO have a life outside of photography, (primarily the joys of being a Nana to two wonderful grand-children, Momma to two grown daughters and Chief Pantry Stocker to two wonderful feline companions… lover of all things beautiful in life and staunch, protector of Nature)… photography is part and parcel of my very being.

I’ve always been a creative sort, dabbling in writing, drawing (charcoal and pencil), painting (oils), singing (first and second Soprano) and dancing (primarily dirty and belly!)… but none of those interests have ever encompassed so much into one action as photography does.

“People and their Pastimes” are my photographic passion… but other strengths are Nature, Wedding, Product and Macro photography… so you’re likely to find SOMETHING here that interests you on some level.

It is my sincere hope that you do, at least!



2 Responses to About

  1. Kazi Mustakim says:

    Hello my friend… Thank you for your visit and comment on my work…!!
    I will come back to your site soon to visit your works…
    By the way – Its really nice meeting another Gemini….!! 🙂
    Best wishes for you

  2. Hey, Thanks for stopping by and the follow. I hope you enjoy what you see, looking forward to reading more of your posts, 🙂

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