Hello from a crap cell phone

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything here…and SO much has changed: residence has changed 3 times over, new grandchildren have come (and another on the way as I write this!), job changes….social media sites have been added and deleted, new friendships formed and long-time friendships temporarily put on “hold” due to transitions into the hereafter…in short: LIFE changes! I won’t bore you with the mundane details…

But I write this to promise MYSELF that I will write more often and with regularity here… even though most postings will be from a crappy, not-so-smart phone that takes crap cell-snaps.

Because I spend the majority of my time alone (main company being my pets and the feral-but-friendly kitties going about their lives on the stage that is my yard and decks), I wonder what merit there is to sharing “crap cell-snaps” of life here. Folks want to be stimulated, titilated and
entertained by GOOD photography and uplifting writing…not moved to glossy-eyed, mind-numbing stupor or reading about depressing stuff that is, lately, my life.

But there it is: I am writing for myself…and inviting others to follow along if they so-choose.

This is going to become more of a repository for all of the emotional, physical, spiritual and photographic comings-and-goings that are “my life”, and in doing so…will be exactly the kind of discipline-building habit I need right now. (Would you believe; I started a book about one particular time period in my life…THREE-plus YEARS ago…and never finished!?
I also began another book…more than a decade ago…about the five people I met on a train, and they were fascinating people, too! It was my first-ever train ride.
I never finished ANY of them…zero discipline. It’s embarrassing 🙂 )

To set the stage; I now live in a rented home affectionately referred to as: “Vintage Tin-Can”…a 1968 single-wide trailer, on a fairly rural plot of private ground in Sussex County, Delaware. It has been fairly well-kept, if not anywhere near my personal ” style” and the property is mostly wooded, with sizeable front and back yard spaces.

We’ve been here nearly two years, having had to start life completely over from scratch ( after the utter devastation that was the year 2010)…and I have been a hard-sell to warm up to the situation.

It’s not that I am a snob and have anything against living in old trailers or rented properties (Life has had me in much worse over the course of my lifetime!)…it’s that it has taken me a while to regain the trust in my husband necessary to put the pieces back together. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to try.

But, as life sometimes goes; we both needed each other and so, initially for convenience’ sake and later, because life together is better than life apart…
Here I am.


Showing Mama Some Love

(This is a  feral kitty abandoned here by previous tenents, whom I call “Lil’ Bit”. Her little baby stopped playing long enough to show her some love, with a hug.)

I am alone most of the time, as his hours are long and “days off” are rare…but I am not lonely. There is much companionship and photographic folly (if even only from a distance) with the feral kitties, eagles, buzzards, songbirds, Great Blue Herons, groundhogs, otters, gray fox, deer and other wildlife which frequents the fields and woods around me.
And my own, indoor pet kitties are a great source of companionship as well.

My photography business has not been as successful as I hoped…but I won’t give up. The signal here is abysmal and sporadic, so photos taken with “the GOOD camera” will take a back seat to “crap-cell snaps” for a while, too….relegated to being shared only on those occasions which I think it worthy to pay for extra data.




(These images are from a promo-shoot advertising this year’s charity mini-sessions to benefit a child born with a rare disease called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Mom-n-Me mini-sessions….which wound up being canceled. )

There is a LOT more to write about…but for now…a leftover piece of post-birthday strawberry shortcake is demanding my immediate attention!
(Remember what I said about “discipline” up there!?
I rest my case *grins*  )


About tilde531

Intimate, Boudoir and Lifestyle Photographer / Business owner/photographer for Love-N-Life Studio
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