Having a little fun with Emily

So, the other day, I asked for a volunteer to do a practice (translated: “freebie”) boudoir session, the images from which, I was going to use in an upcoming “Inti-Mini” Promotion.

It turned out to be quite a “learning experience” and a great deal of fun… but my personal  favorite shots of the day came later when she was waiting for her ride to pick her up.

Emily has a wonderfully, uninhibited smile… but I don’t think every photo needs to be of a smiling person to be successful. These two shots were heavily edited for effect. I think they look like they came from an avantguarde’ publication or something… but I like them!

The trends in photography seem to be reverting back to “yesteryear” type effects.  I’ve seen this in Wedding Photography, especially. Even commercials on tv (especially in the Summer season) seem to be filmed with this treatment in mind. The over-exposed, golden-light (and even creative lens-flare)  leads to an emotional, nostalgic feeling…retro-70’s maybe?

I don’t know about you, but for me… growing up in the 70’s… wasn’t a great experience so maybe that’s why this is not my personal favorite in terms of photography effects. But: I DO love to experiment!

Delaware FUN portrait photographer

Having a little creative effects fun with her outdoor shots

Love-N-Life Studios


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Intimate, Boudoir and Lifestyle Photographer / Business owner/photographer for Love-N-Life Studio
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4 Responses to Having a little fun with Emily

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Looks great! So when did you get a WP blog?!? You didn’t tell me, and I have not seen you around in a long while, what’s been going on?! 😀

    • tilde531 says:

      Hey you! 🙂
      It hasn’t been active very long and in all truth, I need to stop taking it for granted and add more content, more often.

      Life has been very, very challenging for me lately (kinda long to explain), and I find myself moving every month from place to place.
      It’s hard to establish a business base or make a living this way, yanno? *blush*

      But I can’t give up….

      YOUR work continues to excite and thrill me, however!
      It’s wonderfully nice of you to reach out and say “hello”, too. 🙂

  2. As usual “Perfection” You have a knack for selecting good subjects and then making superb photographs, Well done!

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