I recently re-discovered this photo in my stash of “pics without much promise or merit”. I have a lot of those; photos which moved me at the time to TAKE them but for which I could see no other purpose than personal satisfaction.

For some reason… they just speak to my spirit.

Although this was taken a little over a year ago, it’s illustrative of my situation currently in both personal and business considerations.

“Detours” in life are often seen as a negative thing. Sometimes, the detours offer enticing possibilities that “lead us astray” and which, ultimately prove to be false mis-directions that serve no purpose other than to keep us from fulfilling our proverbial “destiny”.

But I don’t believe in “destiny”. I don’t believe there is only one purpose or direction for our spirit to navigate. I don’t see Life as being so limiting or … well… stifling.
I believe there are MANY ways to reach the same destination and all are valid by experience alone.

For me… this photo is inspiring!
There it is: a “detour”… a deviation from the main track.

But where does it go!?

It runs parallel to the main track… and goes in the same direction… and ultimately… winds up in the very same place.

Side-tracks such as these, also serve to avoid catastrophe, such as when two trains erroneously occupy the same track!

I’m glad I didn’t toss this shot, now. I’m in a very challenging spot in regards to personal and business circumstances and I’m here because I’ve been “side-tracked” in a big way.
I was feeling depressed and really considered just giving up… everything.

Serendipity is sweet!

My “side-tracked” state of being is giving me a chance to re-evaluate and re-adjust my current direction. It’s likely going to lead me to the same success and “happy ending” I am searching for… and it just MAY save me from a looming catastrophe I never saw coming.

Bottom line, I don’t fear detours in life anymore.
Do you?


About tilde531

Intimate, Boudoir and Lifestyle Photographer / Business owner/photographer for Love-N-Life Studio
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3 Responses to “Side-Tracked”

  1. Love your perspective. Interesting composition too!

  2. I just have one other comment, NEVER NEVER give up, you are too good of a photographer to deprive us of your work!

    Ian Hargraves

  3. Told you the railway tracks photographs you made where beautiful in an industrial sort of way. Thanks for proving me right!
    Ian Hargraves

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