Happy Accident Number 442 1/2

Happy Accident  Number 442 1/2

I just love happy accidents… especially when it comes to photography!

In this shot, Taylor paused to tell me what she was using for “ingredients” in her imaginary “soup”… and I couldn’t resist the shot. She looked so … angelic…and that smile!

Of course; while editing, the urge to “correct” the portrait was overwhelming… and for some in the series… I did exactly that. But in comparison, they left me feeling a bit deflated. Unless you know the story behind the photo; they are “predictable”… standard… quite frankly… kinda boring even.

(click on the image to go to my site… the others in the series are on the “Latest News” page…tell me what you think!)

My normal “style” is rather colorful and contrast-y…but this washed out, over-exposed, “happy accident” really makes me happy.

It really is the “simple things in life” that are the most memorable. This was so simple that I almost missed it….


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Intimate, Boudoir and Lifestyle Photographer / Business owner/photographer for Love-N-Life Studio
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4 Responses to Happy Accident Number 442 1/2

  1. Great image. Beautiful lighting!

  2. Pat Garrett says:

    Love how the “texture” looks as if you took this through a screen – and the screen softened the contrast. Another good one!

    • tilde531 says:

      Hey there lady-friend! 🙂 I DID take the photo through a screen wall of a tent! lol It’s not a texture applied in post processing… it’s good, old fashioned, organic photography.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

  3. The photograph of Taylor is wonderful and I love the texture. As usual “Well Done” in every way!

    Ian Hargraves, Port Orange, Florida.

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