Wait. What!? Me… a “Visual Artist”?

If you’re anything like me, a photographer with a passion for shooting everything and ANYTHING… you probably struggle with identifying your “niche'”. This is the most challenging part of marketing for me, honestly.

Maybe it’s my Gemini personality, but I positively hate to be pigeon-holed. But, apparently… in the world of business… if you want to be successful, one simply must narrow down what side (and how big a slice!) of the pie they want.


“Love-N-Life Studios” literally came to me as if a bolt of lightening struck me from above. I had been struggling with a “brand name” to develop that would encompass everything I wanted to accomplish and offer through my photography. It occurred to me during this painful process: I’m in love with almost every aspect of life… and in fact… I “love life” in general. Most of my favorite photos involve some aspect of the interaction of people or animals with nature, each other or even the spiritual nature of life itself…. sacred spaces… sacred connections… beauty… fun… love.

Newly Engaged: Emily and John

But WOW. As great an epiphany as it was for developing a brand and business name… it didn’t help a BIT in narrowing my focus to one genre of photography. Portraiture involves people, a vital element in my work, but so does candid Street photography, Wedding Photography, Newborn Photography, Sports Photography…. so many more. Sure, I do most of those (not-so-much Sports but then again, Skydiving is a sport and I have a great series under my belt!), but do I want to narrow myself to one or two of those and be done with it?

No way.

I got my digital start with Landscape photography… the birds n bees…. skies and trees! What a betrayal it would be to my spirit and the beauty of nature, to walk away from my “roots” in favor of only people and portraiture! I’d be left a bit hollow, actually!


Then there’s “Fine Art”… a whole new world of exciting ways to create masterpieces with photography, some of which, might even enhance the living spaces of countless other people! (Even if my own living space was the ONLY one enhanced with my art-work… my world is a more beautiful place for the experience, right? Fine-Art photography can include ANY subject: landscape, macro, product, still-life, fine art nude… so much more. At last! I’ve discovered my “niche'”, yes?


Again with the “no”.

Because “Fine Art” doesn’t permit much leeway in terms of “people in action” photography. And have you checked out how saturated that genre is already!? Whew. But I’m off on a tangent here. Apologies.

It goes without saying that Wedding Photography is the most lucrative genre out there. The potential to earn thousands per event is very real… but of course… not without investing a great deal of time and energy in continuing education, talent and expertise. I don’t want my photography to become tedious “work”. I want to find a genre that permits me to indulge my changing Gemini mood… keep it fresh and fun…. and beautiful. That said; It’s clear that the “documentary” style photography is not gonna work for me, either.

A Seaside Wedding: Ralph and Shelly

When it comes to photography; my belief is that it inspires the viewer to experience the image emotionally. I want my imagery to make you “feel good”… regardless of subject matter, but if not always “good”… feel SOMETHING.


Isn’t that the very definition of “Art”!?

Art inspires the viewer to go beyond mere documentary observation, right? Art inspires the creator to experiment with different effects, different techniques and various subjects, too!

High-Key Emily

Maybe it’s okay that I don’t squish myself into a slightly-lumpy little box of conformity. Maybe it’s okay to be inspired to experiment with different effects and techniques on a “per photo” basis in the course of one event or series. Different strokes for different folks and all that! Maybe it’s okay….nay… perfectly NATURAL to want to pursue what thrills me to the core and share that with the world through artistic imagery. Maybe it’s okay to recognize the fun, beauty and love in Life and seek to capture it in a creative photograph… in a style that’s all-my-own. Maybe it’s okay to break the rules of composition for the sake of introducing a new perspective, even if not everybody “gets it”. Maybe it’s okay to take a perfectly fine photo and create something fresh and new with it…a work of “art”.


I think ….

Hello World.

My name is Theresa A Johnson and I’m a “Visual Artist”.


About tilde531

Intimate, Boudoir and Lifestyle Photographer / Business owner/photographer for Love-N-Life Studio
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1 Response to Wait. What!? Me… a “Visual Artist”?

  1. Pat Garrett says:

    My sentiments exactly. Don’t have a niche, don’t want to be put in one. But I am defining what I DON’T enjoy shooting!

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