All that Glitters is Faux


Well… okay… sometimes it isn’t… but still being in the “starving artist” phase of my photography, MOST of what glitters around here is faux.

The challenge for me as a photographer, is to make WHATEVER I’m photographing appear as  fabulous as possible. Sometimes, this can be accomplished with great lighting, creative perspective and/or some post-processing manipulation in Light Room. I prefer to keep a degree of realism in all of my work… but it’s a great compliment if the viewer is moved to do a double-take!

With a little artistic interpretation, the real can be as unreal as the faux is real! *grins*

Say THAT three times fast!Image






Incidentally, you can see more of my work on my website: Love-N-Life Studios

I’m always accepting requests for commissioned work.



About tilde531

Intimate, Boudoir and Lifestyle Photographer / Business owner/photographer for Love-N-Life Studio
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